Performance and grazing habits of Hereford and Aberdeen-angus cows and calves on improved pastures as related to type of shade
Journal of Animal Science , 15 , 1956

McDaniel, A.H., Roark, C.B.

The results of 4 years of tests to determine the effects of different shade types on the performance and grazing habits of Hereford and Aberdeen-Angus cows and calves are reported. Cows grazing pastures with either abundant or scanty natural shade made significantly greater gains than cows grazing pastures without shade; cows grazing pastures with artificial shade did not. Calves grazing the pastures with either abundant, scanty, or artificial shade made significantly greater gains than calves grazing pastures without shade. Calves were less affected by the different treatments than were the cows, as measured by gains and grazing habits. The observed standing and lying time but not the time spent grazing was significantly influenced by the shade treatments for both cows and calves. Daily gains and general comfort of Hereford and Angus cows and calves at this Station were materially increased during late spring and summer by providing the right kind of shade.