Evaluation of Vegetative Filter Strips as a Best Management Practice for Feed Lots
Journal Water Pollution Control Federation , 60 , 1988

Dillaha, T.A., Sherrard, J.H., Lee, D., Mostaghimi, S., Shanholtz, V.O.

Vegetative filter strips ( VFS ) as an effective best management practice for the control of some nonpoint source pollutants were studied. Field experiments, designed to investigate the transport of sediment, nitrogen, and phosphate from areas of confined livestock activity, as influenced by flow characteristics and filter strip length, were conducted. Results indicated that VFS are effective for the removal of sediment and other suspended solids contained in surface runoff from feedlots if runoff is shallow and uniform; effectiveness of VFS for sediment removal decreases with time as sediment accumulates within the filters; total nitrogen and phosphorus are not removed as effectively as sediment; and soluble nitrogen and phosphorus are not removed effectively.