Composting Horse Manure
Texas Agricultural Extension Service , B-6084 , 1999

Auvermann, B.W., McDonald, L.A., Devin, R., Sweeten, J.M.

Uncontrolled stockpiles of horse manure can be an unsightly, smelly and fly-infested mess. Stockpiles also can cause runoff pollution in nearby streams and ponds. For horse enthusiasts, veterinarians and operators of boarding stables, handling and disposing of horse manure can pose numerous challenges. Frequently, operators of equine facilities and large-animal veterinary clinics must pay someone to take the manure off the property. However, there is an excellent way to stimulate demand for a product that would otherwise be a liability. Composting manure can eliminate a messy problem and provide a modest additional income. For the horse enthusiast interested in composting, it is important to understand the basic scientific principles and other factors that contribute to successful compost management.