Horse Pasture Management: Species Selection
Rutgers Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet 103 , 2000

Singer, J. Kluchinski, D., Bamka, B.

Horse property owners are continuously confronted with pasture management decisions that ultimately affect the productivity, persistence, and appearance of their pastures. An understanding of pasture species, growth habits, and specific growing conditions is required for proper species selection and management. First and foremost, an assessment of soil drainage, intended grazing pressure, and production goals are necessary. This information will aid in making decisions about the types of grasses and legumes that can be planted for optimum pasture production. Realize that species selection is not the only factor influencing production success, but is the foundation upon which productive pastures are based. Finally, how the pasture is utilized (continuously grazed, rotationally grazed, or exercise lot) must be considered to determine production limits.