Controlling Feral Hog Damage
Texas Cooperative Extension , L-1925 , 2002

Texas Wildlife Damage Management Service

Feral hogs (Sus scrofa) are members of the same family as the domestic breeds, and in Texas include the European wild hogs, feral hogs, and hybrids. Feral hogs prefer the cover of dense brush for protection, but may also be found in open range and grassy areas. During hot weather they spend much of their time wallowing in ponds, springs and streams close to protective cover. Feral hogs are omnivorous and will eat anything from grain to carrion. Vegetable matter constitutes an important part of their diet. When available, acorns are preferred. They also consume roots and invertebrates such as centipedes, leeches, earthworms and crayfish. In certain areas cultivated crops and row crops make up a significant portion of their diet. Wild hogs also prey on young native and exotic wildlife, livestock, and other small vertebrates.