Prospects for Pathogen Reductions in Livestock Wastewaters: A Review
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology , 30 , 2003

Hill, V.R.

Swine, cattle, poultry, and other commercial livestock can be infected by numerous pathogenic enteric microbes that are also infectious for humans. Livestock waste generated by concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) therefore may contain human pathogens that can infect humans exposed to them during direct contact with livestock waste or media contaminated with the waste (e.g., surface water, ground water, food crops). This article reviews published literature related to the detection and inactivation of human pathogens in flushed livestock waste (i.e., “wastewater”). Physical, biological, chemical, and energetic treatment technologies are discussed, including research results demonstrating or indicating the potential efficacy of the treatment approaches for pathogen reductions in livestock wastewaters.