Runoff transport of faecal coliforms and phosphorus released from manure in grass buffer conditions
Letters in Applied Microbiology , 41 , 2005

Stout, W.L., Pachepsky, Y.A., Shelton, D.R., Sadeghi, A.M., Saporito, L.S., Sharpley, A.N.

Aims: To test the hypothesis that faecal coliform (FC) and phosphorus (P) are transported similarly in surface runoff through the vegetative filter strip after being released from land-applied manure. Methods and Results: The Hagerstown soil was packed into boxes that were 10 cm deep, 30 cm wide and 100, 200 or 300 cm long. Grass was grown in boxes prior experiments. Same-length boxes were placed under rainfall simulator and tilted to have with either 2% or 4% slopes. Dairy manure was broadcast on the upper 30-cm section. Rainfall was simulated and runoff samples were collected and analysed for Cl, FC and total phosphorus (TP). Mass recovery, the concentration decrease rate k, and the ratio FC : TP showed that there was a consistent relationship between FC and TP in runoff. Conclusion: The FC and TP transport through simulated vegetated buffer strips were highly correlated. Significance and Impact of the Study: As a knowledge base on the effect of the environmental parameters on P transport in vegetated buffer strips is substantially larger than for manure-borne bacteria, the observed similarity may enhance ability to assess the efficiency of the vegetated buffer strips in retention of FC currently used as indicator organisms for manure-borne pathogens.