Managing Grazing of Horses
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service , 2009

Freeman, D.W., Redfearn, D.D.

How do you control grazing so that horses get the most out of forage? How do you keep horses from tearing up a pasture? These are simple questions with not so simple answers. In orderto maximize utilization of pastureland, you need to understand how horses utilize forage, factors affecting animal performance on pastures, and the grazing behavior of horses. Combining these "animal factors" with agronomic principles will allow you to set realistic goals and design pasture plans to help meet those goals. This fact sheet outlines several considerations for managing "animal factors" that will help ensure that horses get the most from forage. Additional information can be obtained from OSU Extension Facts F-3980 "Use of Forages for Horses" and OSU videotape VT-188 "Forage Use for Horses."