A Horse Owner’s Guide to Protecting Water Quality in the Taunton River Watershed
Taunton River Watershed Campaign

Mass Audubon

IF YOU OWN HORSES, this publication will show you how you can play a part in protecting and cleaning up the Taunton River watershed. Soil from eroding pastures and rainwater runoff from unmanaged animal wastes carry bacteria, nutrients, and sediment to our waterways. You will learn a few simple best management practices (BMPs) specifically designed for landowners with horses. Armed with this new information, you can join the thousands of citizens, businesses, and communities working together for a cleaner Taunton River. THE TAUNTON RIVER WATERSHED is drainage basin that includes all the land over which rain and snowmelt flow to the Taunton River. The Taunton River Watershed Campaign is a partnership of ten organizations working to protect the land and water resources of the watershed. We’re working with horse owners, small farm owners, homeowners, business owners, developers and local decision makers to all do their part in reducing stormwater. Together, we can all help protect and restore the Taunton River watershed.