Chapter 4 Recommendations

This chapter includes the discrete and specific measures the Christina Basin TAT has identified as critical to achieve the TMDLs set for the Delaware portion of the Christina Basin. The 39 recommendations the Team has developed are divided among five major categories: stormwater, open space, wastewater, agriculture, and education. Each one of the 39 recommendations contains detailed information on the recommendation, the nutrient and bacteria reductions associated with the recommendation, the cost of implementing the recommendation, the source of funding for implementing the recommendation, the location where the recommendation should be implemented, the organizations or stakeholders responsible for implementing the recommendation, and the type of action (regulatory, ordinance, or voluntary). Appendix B contains an outline of the 39 recommendations discussed in detail in this Chapter. The effectiveness of buffers for reducing bacteria pollution is dependent on the type of vegetation, the width of the buffer, the bacteria load of the capture runoff, and whether the buffer is in an urban or agriculture setting. A study conducted in Virginia in 2003 indicated that buffers can reduce bacteria by 43 to 57 percent, especially in agricultural watersheds. Table 4.27: Approximate Reduction Efficiencies for Select Agricultura BMPs