Chapter 4: Water Quality Evaluation, City of Medford Stormwater Management Plan

City of Medford

The City of Medford Stormwater Management Plan addresses existing activities to maintain and enhance the quality of stormwater runoff in Medford and outlines required modifications to those activities. The plan coincides with the submittal of the City’s management program for Phase II of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Program (NPDES). It identifies existing regulatory, maintenance, planning, and public involvement activities that should be continued, modifications to existing activities to address stormwater quality, and recommendations for additional activities not currently performed by the City. The management plan incorporates recommendations from the City’s 1996 Comprehensive Medford Area Drainage Master Plan into a new capital improvement program (CIP), with estimated costs for maintenance, engineering and other stormwater activities. Contains table of bacteria removal efficiencies for each kind of BMP.